Jason (Jxn) Tschimperle     Director   Educator   Practitioner

L.M.P #60174955

A graduate of Chicago’s Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy, Jason (jxn) has been practicing therapeutic massage and bodywork since 2001.  He specializes in occupational, repetitive use, and motor vehicle injuries, as well as detox focused therapies.  Treatment sessions are tailored to the uniqueness of each individual’s circumstances, focusing on structural alignment and pain management with a rhythm that fosters deep relaxation.  His work is a strategic integration of myofascial release, deep tissue massage, reflexology, Zazen, lymph drainage massage, hydrotherapy, cupping, and trigger point therapy.

Jason holds a B.A. in Communications from Washington State University and has enjoyed a nationwide career as a holistic health educator, consultant, and curriculum author for 12 years.   He has sustained a Zen practice for 14 years, beginning with a mentorship under mindfulness educator and consciousness teacher Bill Walz, as well as, Reverend Teijo Munnich of Great Tree Zen Temple, where he completed intensive practice periods and a residency.

In addition, he has practiced bioregional plant medicine foraging and medicine making for ten years, is a musician, avid reader, street medic, and illustrator. 

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