Mamook is proud to offer 17 years of massage & bodywork experience.  We accommodate a host of health needs, including: work and sports injury rehabilitation, mood health, detoxification, pre-and post-natal care, preventative healthcare, stress relief, and more.

Genereal Wellness  $70hr/$90 90 minutes

A medium pressure Swedish therapy treatment with light stretching and rocking, perfect for enhancing circulation, stress relief, and improving mood health.

Deep Tissue Bodywork  $75 1hr/$95 90 minutes

Deep tissue bodywork engages the muscular system on a profound level providing significant structural changes, relaxation, and tissue health. 

Clinical Strategy Treatment $75 1hr/$95 90 minutes

A Mamook specialty, this strategically focused bodywork session utilizes deep tissue massage, myofascial release, facilitated stretching, trigger point therapy, Chinese medical cupping, hydrotherapy, and reflexology.  Treatments accommodate direct injury trauma and repetitive use injury; as a result of, though not limited to, occupational, sports, and motor vehicle related injuries.  

Detox Focus Treatment  $95 90 minutes

The unique 90 minute Detox Focus Treatment fuses Swedish therapy, acupressure, Chinese medical cupping, reflexology, and lymph drainage techniques to enhance toxin release from muscle tissue and the organs of elimination.  It is relaxing and rejuvenating, and perfectly compliments wellness residencies and detox focused diets.

Reflexology  $60 45 minutes

This treatment begins with a moist hot towel application and salt scrub to your pedals, then reflex points are nurtured in the feet, enhancing nervous system action to the organs and the muscular system. 

Bioenergetics  $70 hour

A fusion of Reiki, acupressure, breath work, and sound therapy with a focus on profound relaxation, general wellness, and emotional harmony. 


Modern science and popular culture are beginning to embrace the health benefits of both stillness and well being through harmonics.  Words fall short of describing these experiential healing experiences.

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Sound Therapy  $50 30 minutes

A personal healing ambient bath of sound played on various traditional instruments, helpful for various mood health disorders, stress, general well being, tissue relaxation, or a just a lovely experience to add to your stay at the coast.

Private Meditation Instruction  $50 60 minutes

Inspired by the Soto Zen tradition of Shikantaza (“just sitting”) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, this practice includes a discussion on mindfulness, body scan meditation, two sitting and one walking period of zen,  all integrated to focus on special needs and budding new practices. 


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